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Caravan storage (again )
userIT'S ME
Posted: 14 October 2016 7:13 AM
Subject: Caravan storage (again )

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I have moved my caravan to another storage site half way through my insurance contract it's a lot better & imo safer site it has only 5 caravans on it & when I phoned up the insurance company to tell them they said they normally don't insurance caravans with only 5 caravans on & they couldn't give me a reason why anyone come across this.
Posted: 15 October 2016 2:48 PM
Subject: RE: Caravan storage (again )
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I suspect there may be parts of what you are doing that are unclear to the insurers. I do not know of any official storage sirtes that only have 5 vans on them, they normally have large numbers and does it have security prevention such as fences, gates alarms etc? I doubt it will be CASSOA registered at that size. The only 5 van sites I know of are CL/CS sites offered by the Clubs and these are for short term caravanning, not really storage. If the site you are using is just someone's land then again the insurers will not really class it as a safe place and may not offer cover.

If the site has a website or brochure outlining the services being offered then send a copy to the insurers and ask them to look again at your request for cover. If not you may have to trawl tthe various Comanies and ask if they will cover you for unsecured/unregistered storage. Somehow I think not but they may do it for an increased premium.
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