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water pump not turning off
Posted: 5 February 2014 4:41 PM
Subject: water pump not turning off
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I have a 2003 sterling elite explorer,which I have just brought, and for some reason the water pump in the outside barrel will not stop,it keeps going even with all the taps off,any ideas what the problem may be, could this be one of the micro switches,and if so how do I find which one.
Posted: 5 February 2014 6:04 PM
Subject: RE: water pump not turning off

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Assuming the Sterling water system is microswitch controlled rather than with a pressure switch. The way to find out which tap switch is the culprit is to go round and disconnect at least one lead off each tap in turn until the pump stops.
userDerek Uzzell
Posted: 6 February 2014 8:05 AM
Subject: RE: water pump not turning off

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This 2006 Caravan Talk forum-thread discusses a similar problem with a Sterling Eccles caravan.

Suggest you initially try the 'click' method of diagnosis mentioned before disconnecting any of the micro-switches. If all of the micro-switches except one click, there's a fair chance that's the faulty one.

Of course, if all of the micro-switches operate silently, or all of them can be heard to click, you'll need to disconnect the switches in turn as sooty1410 suggests.

(Before disconnecting anything, make absolutely sure that all the water outlets (sink, washroom, shower) are switched fully off.)
Posted: 7 February 2014 1:22 PM
Subject: RE: water pump not turning off
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You could also have a leak!

The only time the pump did not turn off for us was when for some reason the filter did not drain out and when stored the residual water froze, expanded and cracked the filter housing - result was a system that could not pressurise and a pool of water under the sink.

Second time was a weeping connection to the water heater - it looked as though I had knocked it when loading the wet locker (the water heater is situated under the bed and the space can be accessed as a wet locker.

On both occasions the fact that the pump did not shut of was indicative of a leak - you may want to check that you haven't got a simple "weep" from a connection before "upsetting" the microswitch taps which in my experience can be bloody temperamental things if disturbed from their slumbers.

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