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Travelling with a parrot?
Posted: 20 June 2018 7:22 PM
Subject: Travelling with a parrot?
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We are soon to be first time owners. I see lots of posts and blogs travelling with dogs but nothing on birds and in particular parrots. We have an African grey who travels everywhere with us, does anyone have experience (good or bad) of taking a parrot through Europe?
Posted: 21 June 2018 9:37 AM
Subject: RE: Travelling with a parrot?
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I've had a certain scene in my mind about your parrot featuring John Cleese.  I'm not a pet keeper or have anything other than a search engine. I found this link which looks useful for you.

There is general info here too.

In October 2016, the Convention on the International Trade of Endangered Fauna and Flora (CITES) extended the highest level of protection to grey parrots by listing the species under appendix 1, which bans global and domestic trade in the species.[15]

It does not look easy as he/she may be Psittacus erithacus which is a protected species on CITES Appendix 1

You will need to read on to understand the status. 

I guess you need to know about the breeding status/age etc of your bird. 

Consider the the risk of bird flu - it only takes a visiting sparrow to pass it onto your pet and on to birds you encounter on your travels - and returning to the British Isles. 

There are still different rules in other the EU countries as there are here. For example, my dad lives in Germany and was after a bike rack last time he visited. He would not buy a particular bike rack as it did not have a TÜV sticker on it, he said the cops could easily give you a ticket or at least a hard time. In Germany, there are also strict rules about what emissions your van has, and a sticker which restricts which towns/cities you can enter.   

In your case, you may risk surrendering your pet, so you will need to know the local law and language to effective argue your case for carrying a CITES protected species around in a campervan. 

Sounds like BIG a headache to me - besides, there are lots of stunning places in the four countries of the UK. As first timers, get to know your van at least.

Posted: 22 June 2018 1:37 PM
Subject: RE: Travelling with a parrot?

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The only MH’ers I know of who travel with a parrot (actually a Macaw) are traders called ‘Parrotsol’.

I have just spoken to them at the Midsummer show and they say they have never been able to get a definitive answer about taking their parrot out of the UK and are not prepared to take a gamble so will not take the risk as they may not be allowed to bring it back into the UK.

Their website is

and email

Hope this helps
Posted: 23 June 2018 9:22 AM
Subject: RE: Travelling with a parrot?
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Thanks for the pointers.

As you say lots of places in the UK to visit first while researching the issues of Europe and beyond!

Gov website 'There are no restrictions on bringing pet rodents, rabbits, birds, invertebrates, amphibians and reptiles to the UK from other EU countries.'
Posted: 23 June 2018 9:26 AM
Subject: RE: Travelling with a parrot?
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I met Parrotsol at Peterborough but didn't get the chance to discuss travelling as they were pretty busy with enquiries.

Thanks for the feedback.
Posted: 24 June 2018 3:33 PM
Subject: RE: Travelling with a parrot?
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recently back from a trip to Spain. Met a guy , not english, who had a parrot in his caravan awning. The bird kept whistling as people passed by. They also took it for walks!! in a trolly with the the bird in a cage (door open).

Not sure of the rules re birds reentering UK.

PS My one phobia is birds ! parrots in particular!
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