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Which club to join?
Posted: 4 June 2017 11:21 PM
Subject: Which club to join?
Just joined

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Location: Gloucestershire - Newbie in an Elddis Majestic 115

Hello all,

We are new to motorhoming and will be collecting our 'compact' in a few weeks.

There seems to be two caravan clubs, should we join both or is one better suited to motor homes than the other?

Thank you in advance.
Posted: 5 June 2017 7:52 AM
Subject: RE: Which club to join?

Has lots to offer

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Location: Derbyshire. Elddis Motorhome.

Unless you want to use the temporary holiday sites, neither. We were members of c&cc for 8 years and the membership fee became ridiculous, something approaching 50 pounds! Then if you want to stay at a main site it's extortionate. There's lots of threads on forums of people complaining too, it's not just me being tight.

Join ACSI they have sites in the UK and all across Europe at exclusive reduced prices.

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Posted: 5 June 2017 8:26 AM
Subject: RE: Which club to join?

Location: Suffolk

If you are motorhoming on a shoestring then perhaps you do need to be selective but as a newcomer, you might well find that either or both of the big clubs would suit you because of either their range of sites and CLs or the ferry etc deals they offer to members.  The C&CClub in particular has a very strong local structure and offers lots of oportunities for low-cost rallies.  Both clubs run a large scale annual "national" meeting, which you might well enjoy trying.  There are also other clubs which might be worth joining, including the Motorcaravanners Club, which has its own range of CLs and organises lots of rallies.  There are also lots of single make clubs, which can be useful for technical know-how.

You wil come across lots of people who feel that the big clubs especially are not really clubs but camping-oriented businesses and they don't pay much heed to members at all.  Some of these people, although of course by no means all, have crossed swords in the past and have an axe to grind and some are simply cheapskates who resent paying anybody anything.  There may be truth in some of the grievances but it will still be worth you joining to start with, to see how these clubs work out for you.

If you use club camp sites in UK you usually save your membership fees within a few mights stay.  Later on, if you find you aren't using one or other enough to justify the membership fees, you can always drop them.

Posted: 5 June 2017 9:13 AM
Subject: RE: Which club to join?
Forum master

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Location: Swift Sundance RS 590 RS Fareham Hampshire

Have to agree with previous postings Depending on how you intend to camp. We where members of the caravan Club, but found the sites mostly in locations where you need other transport, i.e bikes, car.
As we do not ride bikes, we found we where cut off.
If intending to travel abroad, then the Caravan club probably bigger and more locations. But as stated, ACSI which is out of season discount is by far the best IMO. We only go abroad, mainly for the weather and more suitable sites IMO. Probably a good idea to join one for the first year, unless of coarse you have been caravanners , then you will know about camping.

Good luck in your new adventure, and hope to "see" you on this forum , ask all you like , we've all been there as first timers
PS it helps if you put your location in your profile, then any questions about garages/ etc can be given for your area
usermalc d
Posted: 5 June 2017 5:19 PM
Subject: RE: Which club to join?

Note that ACSI do not own any sites - it's a camping discount scheme which covers thousands of sites throughout Europe in LOW SEASON.

Excellent scheme - costs about £16 this year to join and you will soon get that back by staying on sites that belongs to the scheme.

Camping and Caravanning Club have a discount scheme for over sixties - which applies in Mid and Low season.

Happy travels

Edited by malc d 2017-06-05 5:20 PM
Posted: 5 June 2017 6:14 PM
Subject: RE: Which club to join?
Just joined

Posts: 14

Location: Gloucestershire - Newbie in an Elddis Majestic 115

Thank you all
Posted: 4 July 2017 6:41 PM
Subject: RE: Which club to join?

Forum master

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Location: Cleveland Autocruise Alto Peugeot 2013

We were members of both clubs, but because the Caravan Clubs members are not asked for a deposit when booking sites we found the popular places were all getting booked up at CHRISTMAS !!

So we dropped them and are now just Camping and Caravan Club , only once have we been unable to book
the site we wanted a couple of weeks before we wanted to go, yes they ask for a deposit , but we dont mind that as it comes off what we pay when arriving .

We also off season get the age concession that I think is after 55 , being well and truly above that no problem.

The books and map plus the monthly magazine are worth the £38 joining fee if using internet and I think £40 with the books.
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