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Reversing Camera
Posted: 12 January 2018 11:08 AM
Subject: Reversing Camera

Location: 2012-Bessacarr 582. 2.3/150 Ledbury, Herefordshire

I have a twin lens reversing camera as part of the rear view mirror,the longer range lens when in forward gears is ok but when reverse gear is engaged to get the wide angle lens, the screen goes blank & shows the message " No Signal"
I would like to have a go at putting it right myself if possible, before considering renewal.
I have no paperwork on this item so any suggestions would be appreciated.

userDerek Uzzell
Posted: 12 January 2018 3:02 PM
Subject: RE: Reversing Camera

Location: Herefordshire - 2015 Rapido 640F LHD 2.3ltr 150bhp

If I went to my GP and said “I’ve got this terrible pain in my leg”, the doctor would almost certainly ask me “When did you first notice this?"

So the first question to ask is “Has this “No Signal” thing suddenly started, or has your camera system always done this?”

I notice that you became a registered forum-member in 2014 but this is only your 5th posting. For more prolific participants I’m sometimes able to conclude from their postings if they’ve owned their motorhome for a while (when it’s likely that a ‘technical’ problem will have recently occurred) or just obtained the motorhome (in which case the problem’s history may well be unknown), but I can’t do this in your case.

A GOOGLE-search retrieves a few entries relating to a reversing-camera producing the “No signal” message

Your system evidently ‘wants’ to display an image from the camera’s wide-angle lens when reverse-gear is selected, but the image is not being received by the system’s monitor. This might be because the wide-angle lens part of the camera has developed a fault, or there’s fault in the cable connecting the camera to the monitor, or there’s a connection problem at the camera or monitor end of the cable. And without details of your system it’s impracticable to guess if the problem might be something really simple that could be resolved via the monitor’s set-up menu.

Presumably you’ve tried the time-honoured ploy of disconnecting everything at the monitor that can be disconnected and then reconnecting?
Posted: 12 January 2018 3:35 PM
Subject: RE: Reversing Camera

Forum master

Posts: 4315
Location: Birmingham. 2004 Auto-Trail Cheyenne Mercedes 313.

Assuming the inputs from the two cameras to the monitor are the same style plugs try swapping them over, it will then eliminate camera and wiring or monitor as the fault.

If the camera/wiring is faulty try to find the wiring where it enters the MH (possibly in a locker?) and again look for connectors to swap.

A simple process of elimination using what you know as good to trouble shoot for the bad.

Posted: 12 January 2018 11:10 PM
Subject: RE: Reversing Camera

Location: 2012-Bessacarr 582. 2.3/150 Ledbury, Herefordshire

Derek, thanks for the reply.
Had the van 16 months & 6000 miles. problem has only occurred since last outing -mid December.
will check things as you suggest as I have not attempted anything up to now. just thought that someone may have had the same problem & could put their finger straight on it
Also, 5 only posts since 2014 is because I read a lot but have very little constructive advise to give.
Posted: 12 January 2018 11:16 PM
Subject: RE: Reversing Camera

Location: 2012-Bessacarr 582. 2.3/150 Ledbury, Herefordshire

Thank you Keith for your advice,will give it a go.
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