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Vinyl wrap
Posted: 3 December 2019 4:37 PM
Subject: Vinyl wrap
Location: Wirral - 2013 Hymer BClass 504 130bhp

BS20 has posted about having a bonnet respray. I'm at the early stage of thinking about having my bonnet vinyl wrapped. The bonnet is glass fibre (or something like that) and the gel coat has suffered from sunshine. I might get the coach-style wing mirrors done at the same time although the nearside one does get marked by a combination of bushes, trees and narrow lanes.

I'm aware that commercial vehicles love vinyl wraps but I've only seen one motorhome, excluding those used for charity events.

Bonnet would be between £200 and £300 and the coach mirrors c£100 each. I can see a family argument brewing over the colour of the wraps. This is why I'm treading carefully.

Unfortunately, a long ago injury stops me using products which need elbow grease.

Tonyishuk mentioned vinyl wraps in May 2014 but I haven't found anything else on a O&AL forum. I'd welcome comments and experiences on vinyl wraps. I'll deal with my family without help!

Posted: 3 December 2019 11:14 PM
Subject: RE: Vinyl wrap

Pillar of the forums

Posts: 712
Location: Cornwall

I posted on the other thread suggesting vinyl wrap I did my own with some help from the wife after watching a few utube videos with a off cut from from ebay I'm sure it never cost anymore than £30 A van bonnet is at a good height and not to many bends or curves, I'd hesitate if doing a wing

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Posted: 4 December 2019 9:44 AM
Subject: RE: Vinyl wrap
Has lots to offer

Posts: 477
Location: 2017 Peugeot based Elddis 196

Family friend has a VW PVC and had his bonnet wrapped five or so years ago and it still looks as good today as the day it was done. He had his bonnet done in a black and white checkerboard pattern but I don't think he's got the chess pieces to match.

Wasn't as expensive as you've mentioned. Knowing what a tight chap he is, I'd not expect it to have cost more than £100
Posted: 4 December 2019 10:52 AM
Subject: RE: Vinyl wrap
Pillar of the forums

Posts: 608
Location: Kent - Dethleffs 5830 Esprit - LHD

Brock - 2019-12-03 4:37 PM

Bonnet would be between £200 and £300 and the coach mirrors c£100 each.

Your pricing sounds high for vinyl wrap. The previous owner of my van had the whole van professionally vinyl wrapped, a big job it being an A Class – so that would have been in about 2014. He told me it cost him £780 and was less than half the cost of a re-spray.
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