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Premier Parks
Posted: 22 May 2022 2:46 PM
Subject: Premier Parks
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You know how sick to death you get when the double-glazing salesman keeps pestering you and pressurising you to buy his product, and how you decide that if you ever did decide to buy double-glazing you definitely would not buy his brand?

Well I have just about reached that with that way MMM is peddling Premier Parks! For instance:-

1. Campsite Finder, "the best places to stay", has a declared interest with C.C.C. but not Premier Parks. Editors pick, 33 out of 50 are Premier Parks. Out of the thousands of parks in Britain, the best 33, chosen by the editor are Premier Parks.

2. MMM June 22. Sites for Coastal Capers, 8 out of 12 sites recommended are Premier Parks. Other editions have similar figures.

3. Most travel articles. Sites stayed at by correspondents are listed. Editor adds "Alternative sites" which are almost always Premier Parks.

These are prime examples, but it is a general theme with MMM.

Premier Parks may be "chosen by the editorial teams behind MMM, Caravan, Camping and Campervan magazines", but that is no excuse for compromising the independence of MMM or hijacking MMM to be used as a vehicle for peddling your chosen favourite parks. It calls into question the integrity of the editorial team. What other bias do they have in presenting articles and opinions?

I am disgusted that MMM is used in this way, it is becoming a Premier Parks magazine with a bit of motorhome information tagged on at the back. MMM should be disconnected from Premier Parks.

Does anyone else feel the same?
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