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Car insurance for fulltime touring
Posted: 15 June 2017 10:08 AM
Subject: Car insurance for fulltime touring
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Does anyone know what one should be asking for when getting car insurance for fulltime touring?

Also, what a good insurer would be? For instance, it seems like most insurers have admin fees for changing address, like typically £26. That could mount up. But then a non-admin fee insurer might be just very expensive. My brother will be driving and he's only 21.

I mentioned this to esure, for instance, and they said they don't cover such caravanning. Well, it seems to me that they may not explicitly cover it, but probably they don't explicitly not cover it, so that would be fine. But I don't want this to become an issue. As it happens I can't seem to track down their real T&Cs. Further, reading T&Cs from 10 different insurance companies is going to be a bind. Which is partly why I'm asking the collective wisdom here.

Thanks, Greg
Posted: 15 June 2017 12:05 PM
Subject: RE: Car insurance for fulltime touring
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People do full time in Motorhomes, don't know about in caravans though. BUt a 21 year old , will probably be impossible to insure for full time touring. Even just normal usage is expensive for one that age
Do be careful , and check ALL the terms SHOULD you get a quote.Bear in mind that Tax and , which can be done on line MOT will have to be done in UK. Incidentally you dont say if you want Uk or Abroad?

Good luck, (you will need it)
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