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Selling a caravan privately-advice sought
Posted: 21 January 2020 9:10 AM
Subject: Selling a caravan privately-advice sought
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I’m selling my 2017 Lunar Lexon Ultima 590 this spring. Obviously I have been offered derisory sums from caravan dealers for what is an immaculate top of the range special edition, complete with all accessories and awning. How successful has anyone been in selling privately and what websites would you recommend? Also it’s due for its annual service next week, is it worth doing given that I’m selling it? Thanks
Posted: 24 January 2020 10:52 AM
Subject: RE: Selling a caravan privately-advice sought
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I would say yes to doing the service, as would probably be easier to sell with a fresh service done. Some people won't mind, but if I were buying one I would want it to have the service done. You could place an ad in autotrader, or gumtree or even facebook marketplace. Ive had success selling my car on autotrader, albeit not a caravan but its a good site. One word of warning with gumtree, when I sell stuff on there I do get a fair few spam/scam calls when putting my phone number on the ad. I still think its worth including your phone number as in my experience, people are more likely to respond to the ad. Just be cautious of any buyers that want to buy without viewing/send money through paypal etc or arrange someone else to pick it up, usually signs of a dodgy buyer. I tend to use the website to search any phone numbers of who called to check if they are known scammers. You can usually use common sense half the time.
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