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Standard Operating Range of Steel Electrical Conduit
Posted: 9 April 2015 8:35 AM
Subject: Standard Operating Range of Steel Electrical Conduit
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This process standard of steel electrical conduit is for lighting, light and dark laying power wiring steel pipe and laying pipe inside wainscoting.

Electrical steel construction preparation operating standards
The Requirements of Materials
Galvanized steel pipe (or conduit) is uniform thickness, uniform welds, no split, trachoma, barbed edge and concave flat phenomenon. Other pipes need to pre-rust corrosion paint brush. (When embedded in concrete, without anti-corrosion paint brush, but it should be rust.) The outer skin of galvanized pipe or pipe corrosion paint brush is intact, no peeling and has material orders and certificate.

Use wire hoop through the hoop. Silk is clear and not labeling. Zinc coating is intact, no peeling, no splitting, the ends smooth burr, and has product certification.
Lock nut (root female), the shape is intact, threaded clear, and it has product certification.
Mouth guard has the difference of thin and thick tube. It is intact and has product certification.
Iron lamp boxes, switch boxes, junction boxes and other boxes’ metal plate thickness should be less than 1.2mm. Galvanizing layer is no peeling, no distortion and open welding. Knockouts are intact, panel mounting holes and ground welding foot range, and have product certification.

Panels and covers’ specifications, height and width, installation pitch should match the box. Shape is intact, uniform color board, and has product certification.
Round steel, flat steel, angle steel and other materials shall conform to the relevant regulatory requirements. Galvanizing layer is intact, and has product certification.
Bolts, screws, expander bolts, nuts and washers, etc. should be galvanized.
Other materials (such as lead wire, welding, rust, cement and oil, etc.) without deterioration phenomenon expired.

The Main Equipment
Simmer pipe, hydraulic simmer pipe, hydraulic opening, pressure case, threading board and casing machine.
Hand hammer, chisel, hacksaw, flat file, semi-circular file, round file, live wrench and pliers fishtail.
Pencil, tape measure, spirit level, line sinkers, ash shovel, ash buckets, water bottles, oil drums, oil brush and pink line bags.
Hand drill, bench drill, drill, nail guns, riveters, insulated gloves, tool bags, tool box and high stool.

Operating Conditions
Pipe Laying
In order to coordinate civil construction, we should play well the horizontal layers and the wall thickness of the line.
Before doing well ground, we should play well precast concrete slab pipe.
Cast concrete slab inside the pipe, finished steel banding at the bottom, before the upper steel banding, according to the size and position of working drawing, we can civil construction.
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