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Car Insurance disclosure
Posted: 17 July 2013 11:11 AM
Subject: Car Insurance disclosure
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My car insurance is due for renewal and last year I insured with the company LV, and as always, took the step of clearing with them I was towing a caravan. This they said was noted and not a chargeable issue. Happy days.

Fast forward to renewal and after some research I chose to stay with LV but with some haggling lowered my premium. The lady with whom I was dealing went through the policy and as usual I checked re: towing the caravan, again I was told no charge and ok. However a couple of minutes later she asked me ‘as you tow a caravan, do you have a towbar fitted. I replied that yes I did as the string kept breaking, she laughed and took the comment in good humour, BUT she said that the towbar should be added as a modification, of course I had no problem with that, especially when she told me again it was not a cost addition. I asked that surely the fact I had informed LV of me towing a caravan that surely it was accepted that a towbar was fitted. I was shocked to hear that it did not. How they imagine us towing without the trusty towbar beats me lol. However I’m now legal with my insurer and they are aware of me having a towbar as well as towing a caravan.

My point here is that maybe it’s not worth taking for granted to your insurer that if you tell them you tow a caravan or even a trailer for that matter. You should always double check the need to add the towbar as a modification to your car.
Posted: 17 July 2013 8:06 PM
Subject: RE: Car Insurance disclosure
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I am glad they had a sense of humour, it is not all that common in Bombay. Like you I am a bit amused at the comments re towbars. I suspect there are not too may of us who make one up on the kitchen table and weld it on these days so it is usually a specific part fitted in the correct location.. As virtually any bar you buy has met standards the risk is pretty small plus if it ever did fail then it is unlikely the tow vehicle will be the one to get the damage, unless the trailer runs into the back of you.

However, like you I have informed my insurers I have one fitted, although i did not specify I had a caravan.
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