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Towing with a Skoda
Posted: 6 April 2016 9:04 PM
Subject: Towing with a Skoda
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Has anyone towed a caravan with a Skoda Octavia Estate Automatic, if so how does it do?
Posted: 7 April 2016 8:06 PM
Subject: RE: Towing with a Skoda
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No, I have not. However, as I believe the Skoda is for all intents and purposes a re named VW then I guess looking at VW models such as the passat may be of help. The other thing to have a look at is

which offers information on outfit matching and driving exzpectations. Do not take it all as gospel but it points you in the right directions.

The only other comment I have is that the Skoda/VW has a clutch type automatic not a torque drive. I have heard both good and bad things about these but many people use them to tow, so you should not have any problems, unless your caravan is a mighty twin axle job.
Posted: 30 May 2016 9:11 PM
Subject: RE: Towing with a Skoda
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As a skoda driver and ardent caravaner if you are towing with an automatic skoda make sure you are within the 85% limit unless you are an experienced driver, I tow a lunar quasar 558 using a skoda 2.0 tdi manual estate which means I am towing at about 90%, but as I am a truck driver my experience with towing I find I get better mpg with the manual and I have more control if I do get caught out with unexpected side winds or trucks getting to close .the only problem I can see with an automatic is to get your brakes checked regularly to be on the safe side
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