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Towing with a VW Golf Estate
Posted: 11 August 2013 9:40 PM
Subject: Towing with a VW Golf Estate
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Hello from Canada!

I'm just about to purchase a VW Golf TDI Wagon here and I intend on towing a caravan weighing about 1250 Kg (fully loaded). I will probably outfit the car with a Eurohitch like this:

Towing with this car is just not done here in Canada so I'm looking for advice from those that have experience with this. I intend on taking this unit across the country (approximately 12000 km). I will also be heading into the Rocky mountains from time to time. So here are my questions:

- In Canada, the recommendation is that the nose weight of the caravan be at least 10% of it's total weight to maintain stability and prevent swaying. The car has towbar load limit of 75 KG or about 5% of the caravan weight. Is it possible to maintain stability with only 5% nose weight or do most caravanners go beyond the towbar load limit without problems?

- Are there any commonly used anti sway equipment used on a tow rig this size

- Are equalizer hitches (weight distribution hitches) also used to move weight to the steering axle? If so, can you point me to a web page?

- What with an outfit like this, what maximum speeds are driven on wide open, flat roads?

- What type of transmission is recommended for towing (DSG or manual).

In particular, I'd love to hear from someone who actually tows about 1250 KG with a this car.

Thanks in advance for your help
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