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Towing with a pick up
Posted: 15 December 2017 5:17 PM
Subject: Towing with a pick up
Just joined

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Location: Central Scotland

New here so hello to everyone.

Been towing with cars and suvs for many years but now thinking of a pickup. Have heard the harder leaf spring suspension can cause some problems. Anyone have any comments/solutions or point me in direction of previous threads.

Many thanks in advance
Posted: 16 December 2017 8:03 AM
Subject: RE: Towing with a pick up
Epic contributor

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Location: Glynneath South Wales

Hi DN,

I can't comment about the suspension question, other than to suggest to check the caravan''s Owner's Hand book. I have often towed with leaf sprung Land Rovers.

However, if you have not already bought the pick-up ...

I assume that you are aware that goods vehicles are restricted to lower speed limits than cars, unless they are "car derived vans", or 4x4s (usually). A pick-up is not a car derived VAN, so I'm guessing you will need to keep your wits about you, to avoid blemishing your licence.

Not all insurers will cover goods vehicles used for SD&P only. My mate declared that he was a Civil Servant/Bee Keeper, so meeting the "business use" requirement.

I was aghast to be asked for the "goods" rate at the Severn Toll. I was driving a Mazda Double Cab ... 5-seats and detachable roof over the pick-up, 4x4, all the bling. The Toll Troll had information sheets to explain her demand. Actually, she was very nice ... toll was £11ish, and I only had a £10 note, which she accepted.

VED for small goods vehicles is one size fits all, and may be higher or lower than the equivalent car.

Pick-ups can be very inconvenient for carrying shopping, unless you have a cover over the load area.

Posted: 17 December 2017 9:30 AM
Subject: RE: Towing with a pick up
Just joined

Posts: 8

Location: Central Scotland

Hi 602,
Thanks for the info.
Still in the early stages yet. My Lunar handbook mentions not using commercial vehicles to tow and have heard the stiff leaf springs on most pickups cause extra vibrations to the caravan.
More googling required I think!

Many thanks
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