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What tow bar
Posted: 9 November 2014 6:04 PM
Subject: What tow bar
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I intend to buy our first van and need to get a tow bar fitted to our Land Rover Freelander. I would appreciate any thoughts.
Posted: 11 November 2014 4:00 PM
Subject: RE: What tow bar
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My plan of action would be as follows:
1. Have a look at the following web page:

It lists all the main brands available for your vehicle.

2. Decide what type you wish to use. Do you want detachable or fixed.? Detachable looks neater but may require you to grovel a bit to fit the hitch. Fixed is fine but you will sooner or later bang your shins against it. Flange or swan neck? The choice of caravan will dictate the tow hitch type. If the van has a stabiliser then it will most probably need a swan neck type. Do you wish to attach a bike rack to the tow hitch? If so, then there are models that will allow this and also be a swan neck hitch.

3. Once you have made a choice then have a look at the fitting instructions. This will give you an idea of whether this is a DIY job or you feel that it would be better done by a qualified fitting Company. Of course if you use a fitting Company then they will most probably wish to supply the tow bar at a marked up price. There are self employed fitters who will not ask for this. Check what is available in your area. You also need to look at what cutting is required for fitting as this varies with each model and you need to decide on how the vehicle will look after fitting.

4. You then need to decide on the electrics. 13 pin or 2 by 7 pin sockets. The choice of van will dictate this although if you choose the wrong one, it can be changed, or there are adapter leads that will allow you to use both types together. You need to check if any re programming is required for the electrics, and if so, who should do this. The fitter or Land Rover. Most reputable fitters will be able to do the programming for you.

Once you have made all the decisions then it is just a case of ordering and getting the job done. Do be aware that once fitted the tow bar is subject to the MOT inspection. This means if it ever gets bashed either by you, or someone else, it will probably result in your vehicle failing the MOT. Plus you never want to tow with a damaged towbar. Also you will need to inform your insurance Company as you have 'modified' the vehicle.

There are many towbars available on the market at various prices. The ones listed on the web page above are from reputable makes and are all EU approved. Personally, I prefer to have something at the rear which gives me confidence but the final choice is yours.
Posted: 12 November 2014 7:31 AM
Subject: RE: What tow bar
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Thanks for great advice.
Posted: 13 December 2014 5:47 PM
Subject: RE: What tow bar

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Fidlock - 2014-11-09 6:04 PM

I intend to buy our first van and need to get a tow bar fitted to our Land Rover Freelander. I would appreciate any thoughts.

If you are looking for towbar to be fitted and supplied with different options to choose, all at great prices you can trust with over 50 years in the business and towbar specialists in Preston City Centre, Lancashire.

We are approved tow bar installers for BMW, VW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Toyota, Ford, Land Rover, Range Rover including many more.

We are The Tow Bar Centre Preston Lancashire. John Ingham Towing Ltd have been in the Preston for many years and have a high standard for quality and friendly service and advice.

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