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is my car good enough?
Posted: 5 May 2018 6:19 AM
Subject: is my car good enough?
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I have been looking at a twin axle caravan with a MTPLM 1750 kgs and MRO 1590 kgs. I bought a volvo XC 60 several months ago (67 plate) so honest john gives it a KW of 1727 kgs and max tow 1800 kgs. A ford kuga is KW 1716kgs and max tow 2100kgs.A ford edge is KW 1949 kgs and max tow 2000 kgs,. I am confused as I thought the Volvo would be okay but the Kuga tows more.So the question is can i pull the caravan with the Volvo okay or will I have to buy one of the fords??? Hope someone can help me out?
Posted: 5 May 2018 9:59 AM
Subject: RE: is my car good enough?
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Some Kugas are 4 wheel drive.!
from past experience , many moons ago, I would think a 4x4 would be the best type of car to tow a large twin axle caravan with. getting stuck in mud is no joke!

Posted: 5 May 2018 6:16 PM
Subject: RE: is my car good enough?
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Provided that your caravan is within the plated weights for your car then in my opinion you should be OK in any of those vehicles. My personal recommendation is to have the heaviest vehicle you can in relation to the weight of the caravan, it helps stability. I am not a fan of 4WD vehicles for normal road use, they offer very little that makes them better and a lot that increases cost and complexity, and for all the years that we had a caravan I never had problems with getting stuck in muddy fields, I owned a Jeep Cherokee and a Ford Galaxy diesel at that time, and having used the Jeep just once to tow our Swift twin axle caravan which weighed in at around 1600 kilos, I found the Galaxy to be a much better towcar in every way and toured all over Europe with that rig.
As I reach for my tin hat and duck down behind the barricade, I am reminded of the advice given by my Transport Sergeant in the army on the subject of 4WD, it enables you, should that be encourages you?, to get much further into trouble before you realise that you have a problem.
Posted: 27 May 2018 10:17 AM
Subject: RE: is my car good enough?
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My experience of towing a four-wheel trailer was in my 1957 Series One Land Rover, pulling a 2000kg boat on a 750kg ULW trailer. The trailer was 30ft long with about 5ft of boat hanging out the back, from.Billing Aquadrome, near Northampton, to the Swansea Valley (not using motorways) then Swansea Valley to Taunton (using motorways). An interesting experience, but I feel my character has been sufficiently "built".

I only met one problem ... a woman in a red Escort, seemed unable to work out why I needed all the road to get round a corner on HER council estate. Everybody else gave me lots of room, including a police car.

I found that when I was driving over yellow cross-hatching on the road, the trailer was going up and down for a fraction of an inch. But that was accentuated by the length of trailer between the wheel and the tow-ball, and the back of the Land Riover was being seriously shaken by every line the trailer crossed a line

I'm thinking that if you have a four wheel trailer, the tow-car needs a short rear overhang, and soft suspension. But I don't intend doing it again at age 80, so I haven't studied the subject. You also have to adjust the height of the tow-ball to match the trailer hitch. The trailer will not want to tilt

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