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Yes 21 Votes - [72.41%]
No 4 Votes - [13.79%]
Still deciding 4 Votes - [13.79%]

Main summer holiday
userOAL Moderator
Posted: 1 May 2009 10:34 AM
Subject: Main summer holiday

Only Human

Location: Bourne, Lincolnshire

Have you planned your main summer holiday? Can you make any recommendations of where to go?
userduetto owner
Posted: 1 May 2009 2:00 PM
Subject: RE: Main summer holiday

Pillar of the forums

Posts: 712
Location: North Surrey

have to keep going back to the club magazine the club sites seem to be booked full already.

never realized camping was so popular
Posted: 1 May 2009 5:42 PM
Subject: RE: Main summer holiday

One man's meat is another man's poison so making recommendations without being asked for a specific is rather pointless dontcha think - sorry Mike!

So many roads and only one lifetime to see 'em all!
Posted: 4 May 2009 6:41 PM
Subject: RE: Main summer holiday

Lives on the forums

Posts: 549
Location: Yorkshire

I can't really recommend where to go to others as I've found we all like different places, we like the UK

We’ve found two cl sites we really like for our summer holidays, ones at the side of the beach in Norfolk & the others at the side of the Tweed in Scotland & they both have access to very good fishing.

we have a fortnight at each

userTony Jones
Posted: 19 May 2009 9:26 AM
Subject: RE: Main summer holiday
Forum master

Posts: 3241
Location: France, or in our 2005 Burstner Privilege t585

We're going out of our comfort zone this year. We've booked 5 weeks (used up entire holiday entitlement at one go, except for a few "days in lieu!)
Starting with a week in Amsterdam, including 3 days at a euro-wide Baptist celebration, then heading east.
We've never seen Berlin, Warsaw, Budapest, Vienna, or Prague, so we intend to visit all of those for a few days each. However, as always we'll be making it up as we go along, so we may decide to stay longer in one place and miss out another. We'll see!
This is already a shortened version of an original dream itinerary which included Odessa and/or Ljubljana! Those will both have to wait for another time - probably after retirement.
userOAL Moderator
Posted: 29 May 2009 9:52 AM
Subject: RE: Main summer holiday

Only Human

Location: Bourne, Lincolnshire

This poll has now closed, thanks to everyone who took part.
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