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At last
Posted: 7 January 2022 9:06 AM
Subject: At last
Keeps coming back for more

Posts: 169

A sensible decision from those in charge of things.

A vicious troll infested Thread with false, horrible, unfounded accusations made by group who had effectively cut off Chatterbox from any sensible discussion due, IMO, to their deliberate actions and aggressive postings to intimidate others.

The evidence is there right in front of us

Just scan through the list of Thread Authors.

I would ask again that those sucked into this toxic microworld consider their actions and try to be more inclusive. I found myself having a wry smile at the similarity of outraged spluttering anger against someone who simply said “Does it have to be like this” - to the spluttering outrage seen on camera at one Jackie Weaver we all enjoyed about a year ago.

“you don’t have the authority!” They cried in pent up childish anger.

And here we saw anger, dismay, shock and ultimately abuse dished out by those who thought that they had secured “authority” over this Thread and had to defend that false premise by any means possible.

Posted: 7 January 2022 9:23 AM
Subject: RE: At last

Walks with the gods

Posts: 38147
Location: A different planet to you

At last? ...........

All I can see Grumblin is that another thread has been removed? .........

Which is pretty much par for the course down here ........

I assume it got a bit angry again?.......and I missed all the fun again ........

Oh humm ........
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