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Brexit Civil Unrest
Posted: 14 January 2019 10:30 PM
Subject: RE: Brexit Civil Unrest
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Brian Kirby - 2019-01-14 8:51 PM

pelmetman - 2019-01-14 8:44 AM
Us populist nut jobs won Brexit Barry ..........
If you manage to pervert democracy and force us to stay in the EU ..........
Do you think 52% of us Brits will suddenly become pro EU? ........
We'll just have to destroy the EU from within.....and we can make a start on the 23rd of May ........

Ah, so if you "lost" that referendum it would be democratic for you to carry on trying to destroy the EU as a way of getting the UK out, but it is not democratic for those of us who voted remain to continue to argue that Brexit will be a costly mistake to which we do not wish to be subjected?

I think that attitude is best described by Antony's new word - hypocrite!

But we didn't lose it did we? ..........You Remoaners are attempting to prevent us from leaving ...........

So if you succeed then our only other option is to destroy the EU from within .......

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