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Cummings told by aide "you are out of order"
Posted: 17 February 2020 9:44 AM
Subject: RE: Cummings told by aide "you are out of order"

Lord of the posts

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jumpstart - 2020-02-17 9:42 AM

Birdbrain - 2020-02-17 7:05 AM

jumpstart - 2020-02-17 6:59 AM

Where’s the insult? You asked for a reply to your question, I gave you a full reply, if you can’t make sense of a reasonable answer...thats your problem.

"I dont suppose it does make much sense to you" is hardly a message of love Princess is it now ??? ... You still havent answered my original question regarding your "Jews" comment by the way , you might like to try and give "a reasonable answer" to that one ... Regards

You want a message of “love” about starting with some compassion .

Like your "compassion" to Israeli children who you claim are "fair game" ... Your a strange one ... Und I never said I wanted a message of love sweet cheeks ... Still no answer to your anti-Semitic remark I see
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