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Ford engine plant to CLOSE
Posted: 12 June 2019 8:56 PM
Subject: RE: Ford engine plant to CLOSE

Walks with the gods

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pelmetman - 2019-06-12 9:38 AM

Bulletguy - 2019-06-12 12:08 AM

After all, for some odd reason he thought i was an arms dealer.

Aaah so you absolve yourself from the responsibility of being an enabler of death by saying ...............

"I only made them guv" ..........

A massive own goal coming from a bloke who likes to boast about his ex-navy days as an 'enabler of death' on a warship. Or are you now going to say you were making that up and really all you were was a deck scrubber on a banana boat?

Thing is .........I never did kill anyone with all the bullets I fired ............

Makes no difference as according to your own anal analogy that still made you an 'enabler of death'.

Can you say that about all the millions of bullets you made? ..........

Easily because once again using your ludicrous anal analogy, every vehicle production worker must be an 'enabler of death' as vehicles have certainly killed way more people in peace time than bullets have, apart from Trumps America where shootings are commonplace every day.

So cars are made to kill people? ........

Which using your rearend thinking means bullets can be used for transport??? ........

I told you your analogy was totally anal. If you knew anything at all about munitions which you obviously don't, you'd know they are an inert object. A vehicle isn't. It's ok....i know you'll need a very long time to figure this out as it's too complex for that single brain cell of yours to comprehend.

So you made inert objects for what reason? ........

Just asking ........

For idiots like you in need of a suppository to clear out all the silly sh1te you come out with.

note; why do you keep using that silly phrase? Have you picked it up off some tv tripe or one of the trash mags you look at? It's very juvenile and what i'd expect to hear babies or children parroting, but not adults.

Given that reply Dave I think thats a clear victory to you ... Again ... MAGA

I get the feeling he likes the feel of a 308 round as a suppository ........

Maybe that was his job ........Polishing bullets .......

I see you're still full of, shove an 81mm mortar up....that will sort you out. Then book in to get your lobotomy done.

I Trump that with a Naval 4.5" shell ...........Or would you prefer a Sea Slug? ........

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