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JLR sheds 5000 jobs......well done Brexiters
Posted: 12 January 2019 3:52 PM
Subject: RE: JLR sheds 5000 jobs......well done Brexiters

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pelmetman - 2019-01-12 9:27 AM

Bulletguy - 2019-01-11 11:20 PM

pelmetman - 2019-01-11 10:19 PM

Bulletguy - 2019-01-11 8:34 PM

All you've succeeded in "shooting down" is yourself.....reduced to making inane drivel whenever up a corner.

So your saying Labour MP's are talking inane drivel? ...........

No, you. I know your reading and comprehension has always been poor but i couldn't find any pictures or cartoons to help you along.

So you agree with Mr Godsiff?

No, i listen to what the CEO's of the companies they run say. You refuse to because they stated Brexit has been a contributory factor which is undeniable.

As you're so keen on selectively quoting pro-Brexit Roger Godsiff MP i take it you also support his backing for a second referendum too?
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