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Looking for Comments
Posted: 2 May 2007 9:50 AM
Subject: Looking for Comments
Just joined

Posts: 4

Location: Blackpool and North Yorkshire

Hi everybody
I’m a member of the Haven Owners forum which is a as the name suggests a forum For static caravan owners on Haven sites
We have a section on the forum for tourers and would like some feedback from people who have used any Haven sites

Many Thanks


Posted: 20 May 2007 9:45 PM
Subject: RE: Looking for Comments

Location: Rapido ..ask him what size

Has no one got any comments for this guy ?
Posted: 20 May 2007 11:36 PM
Subject: RE: Looking for Comments

Location: Dunnshargin

Always had a interest in statics Michele but it still comes down to value for money. Too many "extras" involved, with ground rent and the fact that after 10/15 years you have nothing to show for it. When the van reaches a certain age you are told to buy a new one (usually on the site owners terms) or move the old one off site. Dead money as far as i,m concerned but a great lifestyle when all,s said and done.
Posted: 20 May 2007 11:44 PM
Subject: RE: Looking for Comments

Location: Rapido ..ask him what size

we have looked at statics BUT one big downside ! its always the same place not for me . I,m free like the wind ...Statics remind me of one of those granny houses on an old granny estate .

Or they remind me of Canvy Island and the like .
You know where people say i,m off down my chalet this weekend you wanna come luv (Cockney Voice)

Not for us and especially in this country

still each to his own
Posted: 21 May 2007 12:23 AM
Subject: RE: Looking for Comments

Location: Dunnshargin

Exactly my thoughts when it comes to being able up sticks and move on when the mood takes you Michele. Thats the beauty of having a motorhome. All the home comforts, decent resale value and you pick and choose your own site. Sorry Andy. As I said, great lifestyle but all things considered not for us.
Posted: 21 May 2007 7:49 AM
Subject: RE: Looking for Comments


We had one in Ilfracombe North Devon for 6 years we loved it but when the charges went up & up till at the end of the day we couldn't justify us having it, around £3500 for a 7 month season then on top you had running costs (that ONLY the site owners can repair ) If they say you had to do this this you had to do it we wanted to put decking around the front of the van cost £1300 fitted. they said no they will DO IT cost £2750. If you complained or moaned to them about any thing they made you feel uncomfortable for you. Year on year it went up £500 so we sold up (funny how it always went up by excactly £500 )  and you could only spend 29 days in the van at any one time. We had to use there insurance which was a lot dearer than the one we got a quote for, the last straw was when the upgraded the electric on the site & CHARGED EACH VAN OWNER £2500. sold up after that, enjoyed our time there but boy what a ripoff.
Posted: 21 May 2007 7:54 AM
Subject: RE: Looking for Comments
Epic contributor

Posts: 1237
Location: Surrey. Knaus/Renault


We tried a relative's statics on 3 sites over the years. Same comment as Michele's comes to mind regarding their always in the same place which puts us off. The really big downside though is site owners - once you've paid over the dosh you are stuck. On all three sites, sooner or later there was a change of policy or a change of site ownership which meant big-time hassle.

On one stunning forest site the vans were spaced out 10 metres apart in woodland. It was idyllic and she was assured that would be the case for the future. Within a year or so she had other statics parallel to hers, within 3 metres and no screening and the forest had turned into more like heathland. It was ruined. The next two sites were little better and she found her van shunted about without her agreement, pitches changed, damage done in the moving with no compensation, aggressive and unpleasant staff, even threats.

The final, much larger site changed hands and she found herself with yet more problems. Not least of which was what had been quiet and "up-market" went rapidly downhill when a new owner introduced a pile 'em up and rent 'em out business model.

A M/H is definitely for me - if I don't like the site owners or the neighbours - I turn the ignition key and they disappear in the rear camera's screen.

userThai Bry
Posted: 21 May 2007 11:55 AM
Subject: RE: Looking for Comments

Treasured contributor

Posts: 911
Location: West Yorks & Thailand-Hymer S 700 G

Hi andy
We went through the static choice very recently as were thinking of packing in the M/H malarkay and getting one in a very quite spot in North Yorks. We actually spent 4 whole week-ends touring round looking at places and pricing up statics.
Then all the Q's ?? came to mind, like changing the van, same spot all the time, same views, what about any new neighbours, etc.etc.etc.
We don't have neighbours at home, and also on site we could just move our M/H somewhere else.
Eventually popped into a M/H dealer and did a deal on our new Hymer.
So just touring around now for the forseeable future.
I suppose the saying "each to their own" springs to mind again, statics were just not for us and we happier being able to tour around.

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