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MOT on Left Hand drive Hymer
Posted: 28 August 2007 9:07 PM
Subject: MOT on Left Hand drive Hymer
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Hello out there!
Just signed up as there must be someone else who has the same problem as we do. We have a 2005 UK reg Hymer B675, due its MOT next year, purchased in Germany and brought to UK as personal import. We spend most of the year touring in France, Germany, Spain,etc so need a vehicle with lights set up for driving on the right. But to get through its MOT do we have to change the whole headlamp unit? I am sure I have read that bulbs in the headlamps can be turned to change the pattern of the beam...
If anyone could point us in the right direction it would be very much appreciated!
And yes, we are a "catmobile", we travel with our 6 cats wherever we go, have you met up with us yet??? Look forward to hearing from you
userMel B
Posted: 28 August 2007 9:17 PM
Subject: RE: MOT on Left Hand drive Hymer

The special one

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You might be better posting this on the main Motorhome forum bit as more 'techy' people look there.
userBrian Kirby
Posted: 28 August 2007 10:52 PM
Subject: RE: MOT on Left Hand drive Hymer

Location: East Sussex. Motorhome: Knaus Boxstar 600 Street

Re the Hymer lights, you can mask the beams for the purpose of the UK MoT test.  If you do this right, the vehicle will pass the test.

However, since the the vehicle is UK registered, whether or not it passes the MoT it is, and will remain, illegal on UK roads with right dipping lights even if these are masked to prevent dazzle.

To be legally registered in UK, it must meet the requirements of UK Construction and Use Regulations and UK Vehicle Lighting Regulations which, with right dipping lights, it does not.

The guidance on adapting lighting for UK registration in the DVLA's personal importation pack is quite clear on this point.  Have another look.

Re the cats, just the thought almost persuaded me not to reply!

Posted: 29 August 2007 8:45 AM
Subject: RE: MOT on Left Hand drive Hymer
Just joined

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Thank you Mel... just learning!
Posted: 29 August 2007 8:50 AM
Subject: RE: MOT on Left Hand drive Hymer
Just joined

Posts: 3

Yes, I wondered about that, we have friends who dislike cats too!
Thanks for the info anyway, I wonder how our European neighbours get on when they come here? Presumably, a "blind eye" is turned by the police as they are on foreign plates....
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