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No deal
Posted: 18 January 2019 9:15 PM
Subject: RE: No deal

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Right winger Toryites/Kippers see JC as a threat because he's more left wing than what Blair/Brown were. They want someone they can 'mould' and manipulate into their own political ideology, a bit like how Blair adopted the NL approach.....but then what's the point of having an opposition when all it does is noddingly agree and sing off the same hymn sheet?

I can see why Corbyn wants May to take 'no deal' off the table before talking. That's her 'bargaining chip' which, if still on the table and they didn't get a satisfactory agreement and May goes to 'no deal', she'd use Corbyn to take the heat off her inept handling and blame him for the outcome.

UKIP has pretty much been absorbed into the far right of the Tory party now. There never was much to distinguish anything between them anyway so as they veer ever further right with their policies, it's necessary for Labour to stay to the left.

Farage has his part time radio show to occupy him between commutes in his private jet when he decides to turn up for a few hours a year at his other "job".
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