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Sherpa Highwayman
Posted: 26 August 2006 9:25 PM
Subject: Sherpa Highwayman
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I have a 1978 Sherpa Highwayman that is my pride and joy. However although it has passed its last 3 MOTs without any problems, in fact without having to replace or repair anything. it is very expensive to run as it only does about 18mpg. Shell have stopped the old Optimax and replaced it with,what is said to be an upgrade, called V Power.

Has anybody any thoughts of another petrol engine I could put into the Sherpa to get better MPG. I did think about a diesel engine but my brother in law, who will do the work said that that requires a tremendous amount of changing. I normally do not exceed 50mph due to its age and I know it will keep running forever at that speed but has anybody any suggestions as to how to improve the mpg.
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