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Skint Britain: Friends Without Benefits
Posted: 14 February 2019 10:49 PM
Subject: Skint Britain: Friends Without Benefits

The special one

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Did anyone watch this last night? A new documentary series started so thought i'd give it a go.

Residents of a north east town of Hartlepool on the impact of Universal Credit. One young couple take their dog out "lamping" for rabbit to get fresh meat on the table. Another chap, partially sighted, deemed "fit to work" by DWP and had his benefits cut that much he has just £5 to live on.....for a month.

To qualify for UC they have to prove they've spent "35 hours every week actively seeking work". Most are desperate folk. One young girl, Terry, seemed promising. Unmarried mother of one but determined and went from one shop to another asking for work. She was turned away by everyone until an Asian guy running a mini-market shop told her he'd give her a one day trial.

Genuinely excited she turned in the following day and admitted to actually enjoying it. The shopkeeper told her at the end of the day he was more than happy to offer her a job. The next day she failed to turn up!

Because a 'family crisis' ended up with her taking on full time care of someones baby.
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