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They enrich us
Posted: 22 December 2018 8:21 PM
Subject: They enrich us

The special one

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Location: Sunny Huddersfield

19000 Romanians in the UK have been arrested in the last 4 years ... ... Now I dont know how much time and money thats cost us when taking into account police , courts , prison , victims of their crime has been taken into account but is that a fair return on our generosity ???
Posted: 26 December 2018 9:54 AM
Subject: RE: They enrich us

Walks with the gods

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Location: 1990 Ford Travelhome.Currently of no fixed abode..

Brian reckons we can deny them entry .........

Which is complete tosh .........

Right of entry


I was expelled from France some years ago after being convicted there. That was before my
country joined the EU. Could I still be denied entry today?

As an EU citizen, you are free to enter and reside, subject to some conditions, in the other EU
countries. This fundamental right of free movement can be restricted on grounds of public security,
public health and public order.

***However, this restriction must be interpreted strictly, and it is only
on grounds of present and serious threat to public security that you can be forbidden to enter
France or any other country.***

The mere existence of past convictions is not sufficient. If you are
still subject to an exclusion order, you may submit an application for its lifting after a reasonable
period, depending on the circumstances, and in any event after three years after your expulsion, by
putting forward arguments to establish that there has been a material change in the circumstances
which justified your expulsion.
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