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VW slipping belt
Posted: 21 August 2006 12:31 PM
Subject: VW slipping belt
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Hi all

I have a problem with a slipping alternator belt on my VW T4. Have tried lots of things to fix it but everything is only temporary and after approx 2,000 mile it starts to slip (and screetch again) Is anyone aware of this problem and has anyone cured it?

userMel B
Posted: 21 August 2006 10:25 PM
Subject: RE: VW slipping belt

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Initial thoughts:

Alternator bolt not holding and working loose, hence the belt is not being held taught and slipping.

The belt is getting contaminated over time with a substance which is making it slip.

The belt itself is not of good quality and goes slack after a period of use - is it a genuine VW one? If so, has it been changed at all?

What 'temporary fixes' have you tried? If they work for a couple of thosand miles it would suggest that something you are doing is temporarily sorting out the problem and will then determine what permanent fix needs to be done.
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