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We Must Help
Posted: 28 January 2019 9:37 AM
Subject: RE: We Must Help

Walks with the gods

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HarveyHeaven - 2019-01-28 7:52 AM

pelmetman - 2019-01-11 8:35 AM

antony1969 - 2019-01-11 6:23 AM

I thought Barry said it was easy to get rid of these chancers now ...

Barry like his fellow Wets on here talk complete Tosh .........

As the FACTS PROVE ..........

'FACTS'' from the right wing Brexit pushing state run UK media....hardly... propaganda is all that is pumped by all the media in the UK....nothing is mentioned about the British funded wars which are causing all the refugees in the first place...not a single word....wonder why that is???

Right wing Brexit pushing media ??? ........

You mean like the Guardian? or the Independent? or the Evening Standard? or the BBC? .............

BTW which wars are we currently funding? ...........

Edited by pelmetman 2019-01-28 9:38 AM
Posted: 28 January 2019 2:22 PM
Subject: RE: We Must Help

The special one

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Barry , Bullhit , Silly Allen , Bob Goboff , Yvette Cooper anyone ... ... Desperate young men needing homes ... Please help
Posted: 28 January 2019 6:37 PM
Subject: RE: We Must Help
Treasured contributor

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747 - 2019-01-27 11:07 PM

teflon2 - 2019-01-27 6:52 PM

747 - 2019-01-20 1:02 PM

Tens of thousands of immigrants have entered the EU via Italy and Greece. They came over from Libya, mostly fit young men.

Therefore, how is it we are safer inside the EU with all of this movement of people with no ID? It has already been proven that the perpetrators of European terror attacks came in that way.

If there is to be no hard border in Ireland, that will quickly become the route of choice for asylum seekers/economic migrants.

It's more likely to become the preferred smuggling route for tariff free goods from the UK to the EU.

Agreed. The Irish (in the South) will have to sort it out. Well, the UK will not say no to a bit of Duty Free, whatever it is.

Now that could be what Arfur Daily would call a nice little earner . Tariff free out duty free in, the Irish sea could wind up being busier than the English Chanel.
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