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(not) rattling wine bottles
Posted: 1 July 2021 5:07 PM
Subject: (not) rattling wine bottles
A posting machine

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Location: Home-West Wales, M/H-Chausson Flash 646 2019

A flash of inspiration when putting a small wine cellar in the 'van, put the bottles in those padded delivery envelopes to stop them driving me mad with rattling!
Posted: 1 July 2021 5:33 PM
Subject: RE: (not) rattling wine bottles

Location: Vanless in Evesham.

Or just decant their contents into recycled Coca Cola (other soft drinks are available) plastic bottles?
Posted: 1 July 2021 10:11 PM
Subject: RE: (not) rattling wine bottles

Walks with the gods

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Location: A different planet to you

Or just knit some wooly bottle socks .........

userDerek Uzzell
Posted: 2 July 2021 7:34 AM
Subject: RE: (not) rattling wine bottles

I use a readily-available wine ‘transit’ box (1st photo attached below) except mine holds 15 bottles. Plus a couple of wine ‘bags’ (2nd photo below)

(wine box.jpg)

(wine bag.jpg)

Attachments wine box.jpg (52KB - 58 downloads)
Attachments wine bag.jpg (83KB - 59 downloads)
Posted: 11 August 2021 8:16 AM
Subject: RE: (not) rattling wine bottles

Pillar of the forums

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Location: Sydney Australia 2020 ADRIA Coral XL 660SCS.

I use 4 lots of 6 pack boxes as shown in Derek's first image. They reside in the rear boot. We are in the last phase of our 16,000 km drive around the country and have not broken one bottle, the boxes work a treat. Cheers,
Posted: 21 January 2022 10:48 AM
Subject: RE: (not) rattling wine bottles
Lives on the forums

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Location: 2017 Peugeot based Elddis 196

Alternatively decant them into your stomach. See my slogan below
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