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Bad or Bumpy Road Holding
Posted: 11 December 2006 1:34 PM
Subject: Bad or Bumpy Road Holding


Check your tyre pressures with the Tyre manufacturers as these can differ quiet considerably from what the MH/Cab manufactures say.

Its also worth getting any changes in writing from the tyre manufacturers and keeping a copy with you just in case there was an enquiry after an incident as the tyre pressures could be called into question.

Michelin will reply to emails on this topic, but like all tyre manufacturers I would suspect they will all require you to provide them with the axle weights for the vehicle when its loaded as you expect to use it

hope this helps

userFrank Wilkinson
Posted: 11 December 2006 10:43 PM
Subject: RE: Bad or Bumpy Road Holding

My new motorhome seems to have incredibly high recommended pressures, 67psi front and 81 psi rear. I've never driven anything that comes anywhere near this.

Brian Kirby also recommended me to do what you suggest and on my first real trip I'm going to load it with everything that it will ever be expected to carry and call in at my local weighbridge.

Mine are Michelin so I'm glad to know that they're helpful and will answer questions. It may be nice to be able to drop the pressures a little.

Posted: 12 December 2006 10:16 AM
Subject: RE: Bad or Bumpy Road Holding

Hi, This is a link to the Michelin web site, the page i have linked tells you about tyre pressures, and at the bottom it explains about the weigh bridge and contacting them, as i said above I felt it was better to get any changes in writing to carry with you
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