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Bailey 740 water leak
userAlan Aucott
Posted: 5 October 2015 7:33 PM
Subject: Bailey 740 water leak
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I am urging all owners of Bailey approach se models to check if roof does not contain water from flexing in the roof join causing the seal to break and fill with water, which only escapes through the hollow pillars when moving the vehicle, I have had mine just over 2 years and found mine has this problem which has been posted before in 2013 under strange Bailey water leak, my 740 approach also had water entering via the battery box which was not sealed at all, I have been trying to get mine sorted but my dealer and Bailey are not being very helpful surprise surprise, please check yours out if you own one.
Posted: 19 October 2015 11:32 AM
Subject: RE: Bailey 740 water leak
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Hi, I was most interested to read your post. I have a 2014 Bailey 750 and knowing the lack of finish detail on these vans I would like to check mine out for leaks. I admit there are no obvious leaks that I can see. How and where did you spot yours and where should I be looking?

Posted: 21 October 2015 10:21 AM
Subject: RE: Bailey 740 water leak

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Before I bought my Bailey (2015 740) I went into this subject in detail because the 'waterfall' video referred to in the opening post had appeared on Youtube and I wanted to understand how and what had happened and check that I wasn't buying a pup. What I discovered is that water draining down the cab side mouldings in front of the side walls isn't necessarily indicative of a problem. I best explain..

If you look at picture #1 the 3 mouldings are not sealed to the cab and neither are the 2 seams between the moulding panels. Look at any Bailey in a showroom and you will see this - there is no visible sealant and the mouldings are not designed to be any more waterproof than, say, the back bumper moulding. They are tacked on at intervals.

The sealing (and it is substantial) is in fact between the composite Alu-Tec panels that lie behind these mouldings, marked by the arrows in picture #2.

So the area behind the front mouldings will be wet following a drive in heavy rain or even after being parked in driving rain and you will find water draining down and dripping from underneath the vertical mouldings - but that is how it is supposed to be. They are superficial fairings and not part of the structure. Why Bailey chose this method, rather than sealing all around the cab's outmost join as other manufacturers do I don't know, but knowing how well the Alu-Tec panels are sealed to the cab keeping moisture out of the structure itslef it doesn't cause me any concern.

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Posted: 26 July 2016 8:11 PM
Subject: RE: Bailey 740 water leak
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water leak man mine i drive 2 mtr jump out cab get underneath and have shower me thought this was a free extra from factory now me depressed ive bin ripped off man
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