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No oven? Try this.....
Posted: 15 February 2020 8:31 AM
Subject: No oven? Try this.....
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Hi. We’ve had one of those flat tepanyakki grills since our camping years- great for cooking outdoors. About £20-£25 for a small one from camping shops.
Now we have a very small camper an ( but no oven) we have discovered how it is easy to heat ready cooked pies , quiches, pasties etc . Is made even better by using a £1 shop roasting tin upside down as a lid. It is so useful, we even added an old saucepan lid knob as a handle.
If you partially preboil potatoes, then spray them with oil and add some salt and pepper, you can then brown them off on the grill too- ‘van roasties’!
We bbq using the lid method too.
Afterwards, remove excess oil etc with scrunched newspaper and clean round with kitchen roll and ‘Mr Muscle’ ...( other similar products available!!). Easy...
Posted: 22 February 2020 3:14 PM
Subject: RE: No oven? Try this.....
Having a look around

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Great tip!!!
Posted: 22 February 2020 6:43 PM
Subject: RE: No oven? Try this.....
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New to this forum so good to get some feedback!
Posted: 16 June 2020 5:18 PM
Subject: RE: No oven? Try this.....
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That sounds like a pretty cool bit of kit.

Omnia Stove top ovens are great too -...

Cook pretty much anything in it that you would in a normal oven

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userIngo Sundowner
Posted: 18 August 2020 9:05 AM
Subject: RE: No oven? Try this.....

We've bougght a Cada Safari Chef 2 as recommended by family members. They were right, havent quite managed to make a Sunday dinner yet but working on it
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