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Spare Wheel Winch/Jack Adaptor
Posted: 26 October 2015 10:19 PM
Subject: Spare Wheel Winch/Jack Adaptor
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I have an Eldiss 140 on a Mk 2 2007 Peugeot Boxer. When I changed a wheel a few months back I lost the metal bar which you use to turn the winch to drop the wheel (about 8 - 10 inches long with widened ends, one with a hex on). I went to my Peugeot dealer and we looked the part up on the screen and ordered the part. Along came a wheel nut socket and bar, a big hefty thing. I took it back and we looked again at the screen. The correct part was not visible on the screen, though it did show the cut-out for it in the polystyrene wheelbrace holder. The Peugeot dealer drew a blank. Anyone have any ideas? I will try the Citroen dealer the weekend (as they are Sevel vans).
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userDerek Uzzell
Posted: 28 October 2015 8:07 AM
Subject: RE: Spare Wheel Winch/Jack Adaptor

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Welcome tothe Out&AboutLive forums, Chris

It’s likely that the confusion lies because there were (are) two different spare-wheel lowering/raising systems for ‘X250’ Fiat Ducato/Peugeot Boxer/Citroen Relay vehicles and the tools used differ accordingly.

The system initially fitted (at least on vans) accessed the spare-wheel winding ‘winch’ by inserting a tool through a slot above the rear bumper. This system had safety-related problems and was (or should have been!) replaced through a recall by an arrangement where the winch was accessed (using a different tool) through the vehicle’s rear wheel-arch. The following links refer

It sounds like your 2007 Elddis may still have the original design of winch, as this would explain why the tool showing on the Peugeot dealer’s screen (ie. the tool designed for the revised winch) is inappropriate. As the type of winch originally used was replaced, it may not now be possible to obtain a new ‘metal bar’ for it from a Citroen/Fiat/Peugeot dealership.

I note that ‘winding tools’ are offered on ebay for 2007-2015 Boxee/Ducato/Relay vehicles (example here)

but it’s likely that these are the type of tool that turned up when your Peugeot dealer ordered the part. (You should be able to confirm this from the ebay photos.)

If my suspicions are correct that your Elddis still has the old-design winch that was fitted to it in 2007, you would be wise to discuss an ‘under-recall’ replacement with a Peugeot dealer. The VOSA “spare wheel may detach” recall was in 2011 and details are here

It’s evident that some SEVEL X250-based motorhomes fell through the 2011 VOSA recall safety-net and (based on Len Salisbury’s comments in the first link I provided above) you may need to insist firmly with a Peugeot dealer that they check which winch your Elddis has and - if the winch should have been replaced under the 2011 VOSA recall - that the Peugeot dealer replaces it now.

As your vehicle is a coachbuilt motorhome not a panel-van, the VIN numbers shown on the VOSA recall webpage may not apply. But if your Elddis has the old type of winch, this should be replaced free of charge even though 8 years have elapsed since the vehicle was built.
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