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Spare key
Posted: 30 January 2020 5:44 PM
Subject: Spare key
A posting machine

Posts: 349
Location: Home-West Wales, M/H-Chausson Flash 646 2019

Sounds obvious to some, I suppose, but we always take our spare van keys with us when away from home. Risk assessment is low likelihood of loosing them (I'm a bit obsessive about things like keys, wallet, dogs), but high level of problem if it happens, especially if any distance from home.
Posted: 13 February 2020 9:48 AM
Subject: RE: Spare key
Pillar of the forums

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Location: 2017 Peugeot based Elddis 196

I keep spare keys well hidden inside the m/h and had a second habi door key cut which is in a plastic bag screwed to the chassis. I know it's possibly against insurance co rules to leave a key on board, but they'd never find out unless I (or one of you lot) told them. In the unlikely event that it was stolen AND ins co asked for both sets of keys (why??) I'd tell the truth, that I don't know where the spare keys are, I've lost them
Posted: 16 April 2020 5:29 PM
Subject: RE: Spare key
Treasured contributor

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Location: Burstner Ixeo 736

Unlikely but when I had our Motorhome stolen many years ago before chipped keys, my insurance company asked for both sets of keys. At the time I was unable to find the second set, they intimated that I may have been negligent in not having both sets secure and stated it may invalidate my claim. The Motorhome was found stripped and burnt out but the saving grace was that the police stated that the ignition barrel had been broken off. I pointed this out to the insurance company and they paid out.
They had said that similar to leaving your keys in a vehicle say when getting petrol and it was stole as the policy holder I had a duty of care to minimise their risk?/
Posted: 20 October 2020 2:26 PM
Subject: RE: Spare key
Gets involved

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Location: East Yorks.

Just noted this. thread, it`s a few months old but.

It brings to mind another potential issue. When I first had the current Motorhome, I was in ignorance of the fact that if left. the Motorhome locks itself. Guess What?. It did, with my set of keys in the "ignition" and on our drive way. No Problem, spare set, Tried to unlock, not happening, trip the garage get new batteries for fob?, Nope, still not playing!. Long story, short, eventually the RAC guy gets me in but not before he breaks a window lock in the process. Bill For £57 from Dealership!.

Now I have access. but the second key set is still not "playing". Put it in the Ignition, yes, and it starts the M-H. now I take it out. Lo and Behold. It NOW works, closing and opening locks, no issue!!!!. The answer?, well in my case a Flat "Dumb" key that will ONLY unlock the hab door. Safely hidden!.

What I do now is rotate the main keys in use. I suspect the second key had "lost" it`s programming as result of lack of use.

Posted: 31 October 2020 7:46 PM
Subject: RE: Spare key
Pops in from time to time

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Location: Portland, Dorset/ 1995 Elddis Eclipse 2.ltr petrol

for keeping an eye on your keys, wallet or anything else important I have 'TAG's'.
They are bluetooth devices that with an app, a smart phone can track, they have key finder capability so you can ring them, loud enough to be heard anywhere in a 3 bed house or if you lose your phone you can ring that from a tag by a double press of the button on the tag.
Although not a GPS tracker it will tell you the last known position of the tag on google maps which have a radar ping which indicates as the tag comes back in to range.
I have two key tags I move between car/motorbike and MH and a slim larger unit that sits in my wallet.
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