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Truma CP Plus Loss of Icons & W255H
Posted: 8 June 2021 2:17 PM
Subject: Truma CP Plus Loss of Icons & W255H
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FAULT Code: W255 H

Initial Fault:
The Truma CP Plus screen appeared as it should but saving commands became increasingly difficult. Sometime one tap on the rotary push button would not be sufficient to save the command. Over a period of time it became more unpredictable, sometimes requiring multiple taps until it was virtually impossible to save any of the commands. I was concerned about the fire risk as the MH was parked outside my house to prepare for our next trip, so I switched the power off via the Power Supply Unit overnight.
When the system was turned on the following day the screen had lost all its icons and blank with the exception of a zero’d 24hr clock, a horizontal line near to the top of the screen, and the small continental plug type icon representing where the power was coming from.
The rotating knob and the back button were unresponsive.
Frantic, because we were all packed up ready to go on a 3 week expedition, I tried a few repairers who were taking calls over the weekend,who, in the main were most helpful with advice. Sadly, none of the advice cured the problem.
My Autosleeper Motorhome which celebrated it’s 2nd birthday only last week maybe out of warranty, which increased the anxiety because some of the repairers I had spoken to suggested that the Truma Combi 6E boiler may need to be replaced as well. ??

Having purchased the Motorhome new from Morans in Ludlow I prepared myself for the 400mile round trip on Monday without any certainty, until I had spoken to Scott Moran on Monday morning.
Monday morning came and I managed to talk to Scott to explain my problem, and within minutes the problem was resolved. The guy is a genius and a real nice guy.
I am so thrilled with the solution I thought I would attempt to stop any fellow Motorhomes/Caravaners suffering the same levels of anxiety

Solution to the problem

The problem is caused by the rotating button, having been pressed so many times it has effectively become stuck in. This appears to send the communication function into confusion. Remove the button by gently gripping it. Go to the Truma 6E Combi boiler. Remove the plastic cover at the wiring side of the boiler, in my case at the back. Adjacent to the cat 5 type cables, there are two electrical inlet wires. Immediately beneath these wires is a small rectangular button. Depress this button until you have seen a multitude of colours ending with an amber light. Release the button on amber. This is usually about 6 seconds or so. This has reset the boiler communications route. Go back to the CP Plus Controller and all should be sorted.
I hope this helps someone in the future
userDerek Uzzell
Posted: 13 June 2021 8:00 AM
Subject: RE: Truma CP Plus Loss of Icons & W255H

Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums, David and thanks for the useful tip.

There are a few online references to the Combi’s ‘hard reset’ button (some examples here)

and these suggest that the reset button’s appearance and position may vary, presumably according to the model of Combi and when it was manufactured. However, the main thing to be aware of is that, under a Combi’s removable plastic cover, there will be button that can be used to perform a hard reset.

(I’ve attached an image showing the button arrowed in orange, which may help a Combi owner identify it.)


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