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Winter electricity supply.
Posted: 9 December 2020 4:43 PM
Subject: Winter electricity supply.
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If like me you're plugging your 'van in at home to keep the batteries charged, you may like to consider putting a regular three-pin plug on your campsite connection cable. Bit of a faff, but I was using an adapter set-up, and the fuses kept tripping. My wife was convinced it was my outdoor Christmas lights (extension cable up the drive, 4-gang socket, time switch), but proved to be rain in the adapter. Can now go away for the five days of Christmas (we seem to have lost the other seven), and leave the Christmas lights on so not the only dark house in the street.
Posted: 21 December 2020 9:16 PM
Subject: RE: Winter electricity supply.
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I fitted a switched 16Amp (medium blue)waterproof socket from screwfix to the exterior of the house which is 'plugged in' to the ringmain via an ELCB.
This runs the van and the van runs the Christmas lights

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Posted: 1 March 2021 4:11 PM
Subject: RE: Winter electricity supply.

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I too have installed an 16Amp socket, but just inside the front garage door so that the cable is thief-proof! I had to cut out some of the concrete floor so that the cable would run under the door without fouling but that wasn't too much of a faff. Before that I used to plug it into a 3pin mains socket with an adapter as mentioned but never had the mains trip out. This set-up suits my needs and I find it slightly easier to 'hook-up' at home.
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