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Posted: 5 August 2005 9:48 PM
Subject: Clubs

Clive, Neal and Mike C,

I used to have an Ambassador Villiers 250 twin, used to smoke badly as all old two strokes did, and an Enfield Constellation and Triumph Tropy here.

Pehaps the makings of a biker motorhome club?LOL

Will be at Malvern look for the gin palace ("roughing it smoothly") come say hello and have a cold beer!
Soory for digressing from 'Clubs'

Posted: 5 August 2005 10:13 PM
Subject: Clubs

Can I join too? I had a 250 Matchless (1965 model). Learnt on a 250 Suzzie racing bike, progressed to an Egli-Vincent and then had my own Bantam. Even was passenger in a racing combo - but the weight balance was wrongly distributed in those days! Have a gin for me.
Posted: 6 August 2005 8:55 AM
Subject: Clubs

Hi all,
What you mean is start the MMM Old bikers brigade then. Fine by me.

Well, we will have a small DIY trailer with our two utility monkey bikes on at Malvern.

I used to do engine machining on BSA A10 engines for Grass Track and Speedway for use in a Combo for someone who had more bottle than me. Kenny Norcutt and passenger Brian Peeling. We still see Kenny and his Mrs Anne occasionally and they live in Cornwall now but I haven,t heard from Brian for years They were Southern Centre Champions in the mid 60,s on the grass and used another name for speedway. First job was to hacksaw the manifold off the head and bore and sleeve it to take seperate carbs. Monoblocks for Petrol and remote TT carbs for Methanol. Another usefull thing I produced a few of was a throttle twist grip with a BIG diameter drum for 2 cables. Based on a short length of scaffold pole and a chunk of Nylon for the housing. With BIG carburettors the one to two cable adapters were barely long enough and you needed to turn your wrist through nearly 300 degrees to grab a full handfull. Not with my grip you didn,t! 45 degrees and you were FULL BORE! Later I built a 600 cc Ariel OHV from bits from a 600 side valve and a 500 OHV plus quite a lot of lathe work and a cast iron billet to raise the barrel! Put it into an outfit I made for Trials. I still have the lathe and the gas bottles. There was some nutter around on the grass at the time with an outfit based on a Square Four fitted with a Shorrocks super charger, went like a rocket but he couldn,t ride it. Then there was just one season when someone took a Mini Cooper front sub frame, strapped one wheel behind with some seats and cleaned up. So they changed the rules to only permit drive on one wheel.
Jap bikes hadn,t happened then.

Nostalga !

Have a look at just for a laugh. Its very primitave and only just started.
Posted: 8 August 2005 2:36 PM
Subject: Clubs

Hi "Club" members

I have a Matchless G2 250 1961 and a BSA Bantam D7 1964. Believe it or not, the Bantam doesn't smoke; down to modern synthetic 2-stroke oil that I pre-mix. I have had various BSA's and a Matchless Jampot 1955 but all for pleasure/leisure. No competition involvement whatsoever.

I'm thinking of selling the Bantam and getting either something bigger (a twin) or something older (pre-war).

I think the spin-off club for motorhoming bikers is a good idea - if someone else runs it!!


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