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Damage to my pride and joy!!
userPete FRANCIS
Posted: 4 January 2005 11:04 PM
Subject: Damage to my pride and joy!!

Would you believe it, during the xmas break out in my Hymer and pulled it back into my drive and caught the gate post.
I now have a 4 inch gash not massive but looks bigger every day on the side of my vehicle.
What do I do stick a reflector over it?? Maybe pot rivet another bit of side panel over it, question is where do i get that from ??

No doubt my friendly car body repair shop would do something to help as well as help me loose a fair old bob or two.
Anyone done similar and made a good job out of a silly mistake, any help will be greatly recieved.
PS got sat nav TOM TOM for Xmas that is GREAT!!!!!
Posted: 5 January 2005 2:30 PM
Subject: Damage to my pride and joy!!

PITY THE TOM TOM didnt see the gate post

Why spoil the ship (Hymer) for a ha'porth o'tar

Best get a proper job done at the local repairers yard

My neighbour brought hie NEW Swift home from Spain with a hole in the overcap section made by a protruding metal section on one of those sun shades

The repair cost him a few quid but noe you cant see any thing
A pop riveted panel would be an eyesore for ever

Still you get what you pay for

Havent used ant sat nav gear after a guy tried to sell me one which didnt give me any beter /if as good/ definition than a paper map and at a fair high price on 8 CD's
My one CD route finder could give me a better map than the expensive one
Incidentally Http// gets you down to an individual house via the web for all Europe & I know also for NZ & Auz
Posted: 5 January 2005 5:27 PM
Subject: Damage to my pride and joy!!

Hi Pete, I know how you feel re the damage to your Hymer, i damaged my Hymer by hitting a French road sign causing a dent along the whole side. I had the repair done 77 Motors in Newark just down the road from Brownhills, they did a fantastic job.If your in the London area come and see my van
Posted: 5 January 2005 10:03 PM
Subject: Damage to my pride and joy!!

For what it's worth, call me cheapskate if you like but if it is only 4" I did the same to mine and found that it was completely covered by one of those caravan standard air vent cowls which I stuck on to the outside only (no hole through or drilling) with Sikaflex. Unless you were a M/home nurd you would not know the difference, by the way it cost me £1.75 from Peterboro M/home show last year.

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