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Dethleffs Solar Wiring.
Posted: 10 September 2018 11:45 AM
Subject: Dethleffs Solar Wiring.
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Hi all.
Could anyone please tell me where the "Pre-wired for solar system" solar panel wiring is on a 2018 Dethleffs Esprit Low Profile.
I think I have found the cable at the Elektroblok end, that connects to the LRM1218 solar controller (It is colour coded with three yellow stripes)... I need to find the other end. I'm assuming it will be near the roof somewhere, ready to pass through to the outside.
I have looked in the void above the Tec Tower oven, where I found the "Pre-wired for satellite system" wires.
And I have looked behind the Control/Display panel (three round dials)...... Not there either.
I have asked Dethleffs dealers, without success.
I have emailed Dethleffs, they advise that I ask dealers!
Please help.


After a week searching, I found the wires I was looking for, 10 Minutes after writing this post.

If anyone else needs to know, the cable is two 3.5mm diameter wires, one blue, one brown, sheathed in grey 10mm diameter outer, colour coded with three yellow bands
One end is cable tied to the 240 mains plug on the front of the Elektroblok, the other end is in eye level cupboard opposite the side entrance door.

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Posted: 10 September 2018 12:24 PM
Subject: RE: Dethleffs Solar Wiring.
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May I suggest you read our Solar Panel Hints and Tips guide before you start, it gives tips on the starting point and which fuses to populate in what order to minimise sparks/shorts, etc.

The bottom of this page : has advice on an alternative to the Schaudt LRM1218, if not already purchased, and the PIN's you might need to set up the LCD display to see the Solar charge rate, if applicable.

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