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E Roads in Europe
userDon Madge
Posted: 9 August 2005 4:18 PM
Subject: E Roads in Europe

I've been chatting to a pal who has just returned from his first trip abroad. He survived just about.

His biggest moan was about road numbering in some countries. Before he left he knew nothing about the European Road numbering system "E Roads" for short.

Many countries now use the E road numbers for through routes in some towns and cities. One of the worst offenders is Switzerland, in some places they only use the E numbers to sign a route.

So if you are venturing abroad for the first and plan to visit a few countries make sure you make a note of the E road numbers on your route.

Of course if you have a GPS you should not have a problem. If like me your a mark 1 eyeball and a paper map man look out.

Also be aware for the colour of direction signs in the places you plan to visit.

For instance in France the Autoroute signs are blue the other main roads are in Green. When you cross into Switzerland it's the other way round. Can be a bit confusing at first.

Safe travelling

Posted: 9 August 2005 8:34 PM
Subject: E Roads in Europe

Hi Don yes agree it is a bit confusing when you first go over the sea

E routes are great
At least they keep their numbers when you cross borders
Havent noticed the change in coulours though.
Possibly because we use the paper map (and now an autoroute) to plan the road numbers (with names of towns we bypass) beforehand. Then we just follow the selected E/route sometimes through town centers. and rend not take notice of any other route

First we make a route plan with towns & distances then add in the map pages

Pam does the navigating using this plan and the map

When we do stray off course she is able to replan our route on the move.
Its just a matter of knowing where abouts you are

The bigest problem comes when, it has been/or still is; Snowing heavy and the route boards are covered up with snow
Posted: 9 August 2005 10:17 PM
Subject: E Roads in Europe

Blimey Pete, you must be concerntrating hard not to notice the signage colour change.

As Don says, France is like us with all Autoroute signs in blue and other main routes in green. Cross into Switzerland and then Italy and it is reversed. The Autopista signs are now green and other routes blue!

As a paper map man and my own navigator I tend to memorise the route, sometimes using a note of place names as an aide-memoire. Changing from one system to the reverse can sometimes confuse.


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