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EGR throttle body issues 3l 2007 ducato
Posted: 19 October 2021 10:34 PM
Subject: EGR throttle body issues 3l 2007 ducato
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Am ready to do a trip in Queensland Australia after a long time in lock down and the RV is jerking and losing power.. I have the engine light on always as when ever the fault code is cleared it comes back on an hour or so later. . I replaced the throttle body and had an auto electrician inspect why the light stayed on. $AU 800 later they'd put the old TB back on and supposedly the system was working fine. I have a 2007 ducato 3l diesel with 106,000 kays. Owned since 2012. Should i order in the upgraded throttle body and new connecting electrical lead as i read on here the original TB was frail and an upgraded version was offered from 2009 on? Latest fault codes are PO638 and 403. The last time this issue arose we replaced the thin rubber vacuum hose and problem solved .. now the juddering and loss of power is returning. Suggestions?
Posted: 20 October 2021 11:44 AM
Subject: RE: EGR throttle body issues 3l 2007 ducato

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First thing I always suggest is checking air filter for mice, and if they have been in there check the inlet system up to air mas valve.
A simple check on the throttle body (as shown to me by Nick Fisher) is to work the flap with your finger, if it moves smoothly it might be ok, if it feels rough then it needs replacing.
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