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Eastern Europe
userDon Madge
Posted: 5 August 2005 9:50 AM
Subject: Eastern Europe

I've just received my insurance renewal, it's gone up by 9%, could have been worse.

When the EU was enlarged in 2004 it brought more scope for the more adventurous motorhomer.

With my insurers (Comfort/Norwich Union) Green Card cover for the following eastern European countries is now available.
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia. Although not in the EU Green Card cover is also available for Bulgaria and Romania.

The camp sites in some of these countries are of a very poor standard or even non existence, don't let this put you off.

Secure overnight parking is available in the TIR Truck Parks. the standards vary considerably from just a dirt compound to a hostel/hotel with meals/showers/toilets and a tarmac car park.

Water and toilet emptying facilities are usually available as the long distances coaches often use the facilities. If you have all your own facilities and don't fancy wild camping they can be a cheap night stop.

The guide (in PDF form) covers 39 countries and has over 2200 secure parking areas listed. You will find the truck drivers are usually very friendly and ready to help, if we are looking for info or having problems with the local language look out for the Dutch drivers they are usually fluent in English and many other languages.

Safe travelling

Posted: 5 August 2005 10:22 AM
Subject: Eastern Europe

Nice one Don,
I have added this to my list of "Favourites"

All we need to do now is be as adventurous as yourself and Maureen.

Posted: 5 August 2005 2:36 PM
Subject: Eastern Europe

Thanks Don

Been meaning to "do" Eastern Europe for years but, lack of sufficient time and an unexplicable homing instinct for Italy has ensured that it never happened! Still, one day.....

Bought my current rig in Dec 2001; the insurance was due in June 2002. Since then my premium has come down every year! Not by any massive amount but enough for me to notice year on year. The company is NFU Mutual at Louth in Lincs and, no, I am NOT a farmer!

Must dash, of to a Vinatge Transport rally for the weekend. See ya


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