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Fiat Ducatto Warning Horn
userAlan Wakes
Posted: 13 January 2005 11:16 PM
Subject: Fiat Ducatto Warning Horn

Having trouble with my Fiat warning horn sometimes it works then it will not.When I turn the steering wheel it will work sometimes.I think there must be a slip ring underneath the steering wheel but after removing the push part of the steering wheel I could not find how to remove the plastic piece underneath.Anybody Any ideas.
userPam Hudson
Posted: 14 January 2005 12:33 AM
Subject: Fiat Ducatto Warning Horn

Alan, this topic has been covered before; type ducato horn ,in search box and lots of replies from 12/12/2004 will appear. Clive and Derek, plus many others have adviced. Hope this is useful to you. I'd just like to replace my feeble sounding horn for something as befits the size and beauty of my BelAir.
All the best with your quest. Pam H.
userMike T
Posted: 14 January 2005 10:43 AM
Subject: Fiat Ducatto Warning Horn

Alan enclosed a copy of
Ducato horn Problem posted 12/12/2004 not sure what year you motor is this refers to a 99 model .it maybe of assistance to you . MIKE

Horns not working we had the same problem.on our 99 model.The horn stopped working a week or so after we had our van and had been told this is a common problem with all Peugeots and Fiats motors . Grease gets on the contacts of the horn press in the steering
wheel to repair pull off the centre button and clean the two brass contacts
lift them up slightly re-fit and test), if it still don’t work test the horn remove the white/black wire from the horn back and put to earth the horn should sound ! if not check the fuse 2nd from the right 10 amp, or open the drivers cab door / or switch cab light on this light is on the same fuse. I have now changed the standard horn for one more fitting the size and louder !! and placed them under the n/s wheel arch. A futher problem we had was .
Horns working when parked up !!
Problems with the horn working when it felt like at 0400 hrs in the morning in the end it blew the fuse and woke the next door neighbours On looking for the fault I removed the horn press from the steering wheel centre boss, found the fault, there's a brass strip held on the underside by 4 plastic weld rivets Three of these had broken and the brass strip was touching the contact to make the circuit to work the horn .On stripping down the horn press moulding there 's a plastic cover that can be removed along with the name badge this now gives access to allow the brass strip to be drilled and screwed or as I did pop rivet back in place .problem solved .
userAlan Wakes
Posted: 16 January 2005 9:47 PM
Subject: Fiat Ducatto Warning Horn

Thanks for your help solved the problem for now contacts under the steering wheel bent them up a little and cleaned the slip rings.
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