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German Autobahn Tolls
userMel E
Posted: 10 January 2005 12:44 PM
Subject: German Autobahn Tolls

Germany is shortly introducing a country-wide system of autobahn tolls for all heavy lorries.

Does anyone know wether this applies to camper vans of over 3500 Kgs MAM?
userDerek Uzzell
Posted: 11 January 2005 7:51 AM
Subject: German Autobahn Tolls

Can't confirm or deny whether 'heavy' motorhomes pay charges, but I did find the following piece (dated 10 January) in a computer magazine News section.

"Autobahn Toll System Finally Begins Operation

DUSSELDORF, Germany -- Germany's electronic truck-toll system belatedly began operation on Jan. 1 without a glitch, according to the country's Traffic Ministry. The system had been plagued by technical and management problems that delayed the rollout by more than 18 months and thus cost billions of euros in lost toll revenue.

The Toll Collect system uses onboard computers with Global Positioning System technology to track the distances that individual trucks travel on toll roads and then transmit the data wirelessly to a data center for billing. About 800,000 trucks use German highways every day; so far, the onboard computers have been installed in about 320,000 of them.

Toll Collect GmbH, the operator of the toll system, is a joint venture between DaimlerChrysler AG, Deutsche Telekom AG and Cofiroute SA, a French company that manages motorway operations. The consortium suffered a setback when it encountered software problems with the initial onboard unit. It decided to deploy a simplified version of the software, which is due to be replaced with a full version next year."
userDon Madge
Posted: 18 January 2005 12:24 AM
Subject: German Autobahn Tolls

Greetings from the very hot and humid Cook Islands.

The toll is for goods vehicles over 12000 kgs (I think).

It does not apply to all German roads. should give you a link to all the details.

userMel E
Posted: 20 January 2005 8:54 AM
Subject: German Autobahn Tolls

But above 12000Kgs for how long?

Be sure to take the side trip to Aitutaki whilst you're in the Cooks.
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