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Posted: 14 January 2005 9:53 PM

I have just upgraded from Autoroute 2000 to Autoroute 2005. On the old programe you could click on a place to find the nearest campsite in the area, cannot find any on new 2005. Is it me or have Microsoft taken to not liking camping any more
userPeter Kingham
Posted: 15 January 2005 4:31 PM

Found some reviews on that pointed out a glaring problem with all Microsoft owned and controlled products that before becoming Microsoft products were by themselves, great products. Then came Bill Gates . . . . .
158 of 161 people found the following review helpful:
What a let down ? I have also upgraded (I thought)to AutoRout 2005. When I told my Bro. in law, he sent this reply from a friend of ours in America. It would apear that Bill Gates has given up Camping or Motorhome travel. I feel that we have wasted our Money. ?

============= So where's the M6 Toll Motorway?, September 4, 2004

Reviewer: C.B. Newman from CASTLE DOUGLAS, Kirkcudbrightshire United Kingdom

The M6 Toll Motorway was fully opened on 13 December 2003. But did anyone tell Microsoft AutoRoute? Apparently not. Yet again AutoRoute is at least a year behind other publications and route planners. At a price of almost £45 one would think that the 2005 edition would have this important route included.
AutoRoute 2005 still contains some old minor errors - for example in the Western Isles (Eilean Siar) the Harris-Berneray and Eriskay-Barra car ferry routes both show wrong destinations. AutoRoute were advised of that (together with several other errors) in 2003, but obviously they consider these errors to minor to warrant alteration.

The M77 extension (south-east from Glasgow towards Kilmarnock) opens in Spring 2005. With AutoRoute's track record (since Microsoft took it over) I assume that I will have to wait until their 2007 edition for that to be included. 115 of 115 people found the following review helpful:

============= Don't upgrade to this from previous editions!, November 15, 2004

Reviewer: john96344 from Berkshire United Kingdom
Thought my 2003 edition was getting a bit out of date - Microsoft's own Website trumpets 2005 has "high quality up-to-date mapping" so went ahead and wasted £35.00 on something that I immediately noticed omits the M6 Toll Road and the M4/A34 interchange upgrade, two of the most significant road schemes in the UK and both opened long before 2005!! If I could be bothered to look, I'm sure there would be plenty of other such examples too. Complained to Microsoft and their reply (as with other reviewer) was that the mapping companies charge them too much money therefore it would make the product prohibitively expensive. Come on Microsoft - you are pushing the boundaries of Trades Descriptions when you describe something as "up-to-date" when you admit yourselves that critical elements (like the MAPS!!) haven't in fact been updated at all.

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:

============= stick with the old version, January 6, 2005

Reviewer: turtle0378 from RUSHDEN, NORTHANTS United Kingdom
I use autoroute everyday of the week in my job as a coach driver covering the uk and europe. Normally i upgrade every year but having read the reviews for the 2005 version i am going to stick to what i have. If they can't update the new major roads in the uk what else have they missed????????


I found other things that bothered me a bit as well . . .

1. AutoRoute is now owned and controlled by Microsoft. Microsoft has no experience in GPS Technology, Navigation, Communications, or Mapping. What they have, they have as product, they have purchased from others whereas Garmin is practically if not the father of GPS mapping as we know it today, developing it all in-house. They have been at it for a long time and are highly rated.

2. The autoroute web site provides little info. 99% marketing fluff and little substance. No mention of it working with USB ports or giving voice turn by turn directions.

3. System does not include GPS sensor nor is one available from them direct. You must use a third party device. With Garmin, you get it all in one package. And for about the same price if not a bit less than purchasing the items individually.

4. Read the reviews carefully that follow below.

5. Autoroute is designed for Western Europe only, and then by Microsoft's own admission is missing a lot of data. As much as 75% in some areas. Found that bit of data on the site.. Garmin is US, Canada, Australia, Europe, etc., compatible. All you do is download the latest updates, etc., or purchase other regions as needed. Keep in mind that map data requires a lot of hard drive space. As such, map suppliers break things up into regions so to fit most PC's and budgets. With Garmin, you build your map database based on HD size and budget vs. needs. With Autoroute, there are no options. You get one region and that's it.

6. Autoroute has a large list of extras that you may need if you wish to take advantage of some other features. Garmin is at last check, "all inclusive" when it comes to the hardware extras..

7. I have the latest version of Microsoft's US version of Autoroute called Mappoint. I used it for about two weeks then went back to my Garmin system as it was much easier to use and far more accurate on route data. Mappoint was keyboard intense and did not give me what I needed.

My best suggestion is to give autoroute a good test, but visit Garmin and check theirs out and whilst there, ask the dealer to point out the differences between his product and Microsoft. Remember, Microsoft is in the business of selling mass quantities of software and built their empire on the Marketing skills of Bill Gates and not the quality of the product or support.

Garmin is in the business of providing professional navigation and communication products. In fact, they are the worlds leader in this field. The following is from their web site...

"Garmin International Inc. is a member of the Garmin Ltd. (Nasdaq: GRMN) group of companies that designs, manufactures, and markets navigation and communications equipment for the aviation and consumer markets. Our products serve aviation, marine, automotive, wireless, OEM, and general recreation applications. Specifically, we aim to enrich the lives of customers, suppliers, distributors, and employees by providing the very best products that offer superior quality, safety, and operational features at affordable prices.

What started out in 1989 with a handful of dedicated engineers and a great idea for a product has grown into the Global Positioning System (GPS) leader–both in sales and critical acclaim. From the time our first GPS handhelds supported the Coalition forces in the Gulf War to our current reputation as the first name in GPS innovation, Garmin has helped to take GPS to new heights by going beyond the ordinary features and performance found in typical GPS receivers.

Today, Garmin has a diverse product line and distributors in virtually every part of the world. We have built and sold millions of GPS receivers. While our immediate success has resulted from developing innovative products for a variety of markets, our long-term success is based on our commitment to support our customers after the sale. We are winning over our new customers with quality products, tremendous value, and superior service, and we are working to turn them into loyal Garmin supporters for many years to come."

Their products can be used with their proprietary self contained hardware, and/or with a wide range of standard off the shelf 'Plane Jane' computers products. Their range of maps and map types include land and marine, Topos, recreational, etc., and cover areas including US, Canada, Australia, and many more. They also work well with other Third-Party MapSource Developers: MapSource.

At the end of the day, you will need to decide by giving each a careful examination. AutoRoute may indeed be best for you. But for me, knowing Microsoft and what they have done to other products that I use such as Visio that they purchased and then stopped supporting and improving, I would myself stick with Garmin. But don't have their current PC version as yet, but plan on purchasing same this weekend if its available.

At any rate, this is what I have been able to see so far. Final verdict is not yet in.

Kindest Regards,

userKeith D
Posted: 15 January 2005 9:23 PM

Try The jolly interesting website it contains all of the Camping Club and Caravan & Camping Club site details.
I use the 2005 version with a Navman 100 USB module and an aging laptop works well with map rotation etc. The Navman unit is $100 if you can get someone to bring it back from the States. £129 in the UK. Cheap GPS if you have a laptop.
Posted: 15 January 2005 9:30 PM

Well what do you expect from an American co, afterall said and done there is only US of A on this great big Planet of ours!!!

I first tried Autoroute back in the 90s never found it much good, then. Much quicker and easier to use a good old Michelin map for France and our own OS maps in UK. At least you can plan your own route knowing what roads are where.
userPeter K
Posted: 16 January 2005 8:48 AM

Well, well, well, Thank you Kieth D for your input to this forum, This website is just what we Motorhome types need. I have downloaded the PushPin programs onto my laptop. I feel sure others will find it usful.
Can you or any other reader give an opinion on Garmin or Haicom GPS setup on laptops to compliment AutoRoute 2005. ?

P.S. I will forward your notes on to my friend in USA.

MICROSOFT AUTOROUTE(3) — Keith D — 15/01/2005 21:23:49
Try The jolly interesting website it contains all of the Camping Club and Caravan & Camping Club site details.
Posted: 16 January 2005 11:25 AM

Thanks all for your replies it seems i have wasted my money
Posted: 16 January 2005 6:12 PM

Yes I think you are probably right, unfortunately it is no doubt the reason that PC World are selling it off for £24.95 inclusive!!
Posted: 16 January 2005 9:39 PM

Hi My Autoroute 2000 didnt have campsites on

However I have added my own on 2 (yes two) seperate files ONE Open winter & one summer only sites
i Also have one for toll bridges & one for Tunnels (some continental tunnels dont have the head room for a MH

Try it will give directions for the whole of Europe & comes free
Posted: 17 January 2005 7:24 PM

I have just downloaded campsites from the jollyinteresting site and find them to be very helpfull better than the old Autoroute. Thanks for all your comments
Posted: 17 January 2005 8:59 PM

We use "Route 66" which despite its name is a Dutch product and very good.
Linked to our old Garmin handheld which linked to the computer tracks exactly, which sits on the floor between us in clear view of the 'navigator'. Garmin is more schematic in layout - "Route 66" comes on a couple of CDs and we got ours in 'fnac' (I haven't seen it here) with a handsome discount voucher which made it much cheaper than Garmin.
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