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Maximum leisure battery charge? 12v 105Ah lead flooded battery.
Posted: 5 September 2018 6:13 PM
Subject: Maximum leisure battery charge? 12v 105Ah lead flooded battery.
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I have a 120w solar panel on the roof and recently installed a new solar controller (Photonic Universe PU1024B).

I have set the battery type to ‘Flooded’ which the parameters state ‘Charging Limit Voltage’ is 15v. Is this the charge level the controller will try to achieve? Is this not too high?

I have attached the voltage parameters sheet for reference.

Any advice appreciated.




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Posted: 5 September 2018 7:51 PM
Subject: RE: Maximum leisure battery charge? 12v 105Ah lead flooded battery.

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I am guessing 15V limit is under temperature compensation. The more relevant are boost/float limits which are OK but could (and can) be optimized by the user via phone/computer interface. I would lower the float to 13.2-13.4V and turn off automatic equalization. The boost duration might be problematic if it always goes for the full period, regardless of how much the battery was used. There is no point to leave it at absorbtion voltage for 2h if you haven't used the MH for a week. But might not be enough if it was deep discharged the day before.

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