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Mice in van
userRees Pryce
Posted: 17 January 2005 12:32 PM
Subject: Mice in van

Please see my response and request to my original plea for information concerning mice problems in our van. Many thanks for all the advice given which is muhc appreciated.
Posted: 17 January 2005 9:43 PM
Subject: Mice in van

Rees,i had a field mice set up home in my Autosleeper Talisman when it was parked up on a remote field.i had the usual small items of damage as they nibbled uoholstery looking for something edable,they made a 'smelly nest' behind a panel under the sink besides the Water Pump,they did no serious damage but made the van smell 'like a hamsters cage' for several weeks.
I now use 2 metal spring type traps baited with cooking chocolate,caught one...then nothing
still waiting..seems to be the answer.Good luck.
userDavid Powell
Posted: 18 January 2005 12:32 PM
Subject: Mice in van

While on the subject of uninvited livestock. My Wife reminded me that many years ago we had an adder under the bonnet. Presumably it climbed up there during the night for warmth. When we drove off next morning we must have cooked the poor thing to death as we did not find it for a while, drawn to it by the smell! So when checking for mice access, think snakes as well, as they can obviously climb up mechanical bits as well as trees.
Posted: 19 January 2005 3:25 PM
Subject: Mice in van

Yeah, we were invaded by a poisonous "glass" snake once. It was a vindscreen viper!!!!!!!!!!!!

No? Oh all right then.

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