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Seitz S4 Windows - Sealing outside edge
Posted: 7 January 2022 8:28 AM
Subject: Seitz S4 Windows - Sealing outside edge

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As you may have read on a previous post I'm trying to solve a water ingress issue. I'm trying to rule one thing out at a time. On looking at how my seitz S4 Windows have been fitted, the fitter has only silicones the outer lip on the top edge. Is this normal practice or should the outer edge be sealed top, bottom and sides. Obviously the fitter has sealed the mating surface against the outer wall of the van but I'm thinking if there is any break in this inner seal then water could get in if the outer edge is not sealed around its perimeter outer edge.
userDerek Uzzell
Posted: 7 January 2022 9:25 AM
Subject: RE: Seitz S4 Windows - Sealing outside edge

Dometic's installation instructions for S4 windows can be found here

In principle, if an adequate bead (6-8mm diameter) of permanently elastic sealant is applied all round the inside of the outer frame where it connects to the motorhome's bodywork, it should not be necessary to seal any of the 'rim' of the outer frame with silicone.

If water does leak through the "permanently elastic sealant", the window should really be removed and refitted with a new bead of sealant. In practice, if the leak is small, just leaving the window in place and sealing between the window's outer edges and the bodywork with silicone will usually be effective in stopping the leak. (One of the S4 windows of my 1996-built Herald leaked and silicone-sealing the window's outer rim cured this.)

I don't know what standard practice is with van conversions, but silicone rim-sealing of S4 windows of new coachbuilt motorhomes would be very unusual. Your converter has sealed just the top edge of your S4 windows (which SHOULD not be necessary if Dometic's installation instructions have been carefully followed, but certainly does no harm as a 'just in case' precautionary measure) and, obviously, if just one edge is to be silicone sealed, it should be the top edge.

If you think water may be entering through the side or bottom edges of the windows' frame, silicone-seal those edges and see if that stops the leakage.
Posted: 7 January 2022 9:43 AM
Subject: RE: Seitz S4 Windows - Sealing outside edge

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I think you would have done better posting this question on your main thread about your vans leaks for continuity, but my take would be that Yes the window should be fully sealed otherwise water could run down the side and cross over into the van.
I would remove the window, clean all the mating surfaces then reseal with a continuous bead of a none setting mastic (not adhesive) like Hodgon's Seamseal CV


PS And imo domestic 'Silicone' is definitely the wrong product for the job!

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